When it comes to Braces, Austin chooses EZBraces!

In Austin, orthodontics is readily available everywhere. But the EZBraces system is only available at EZBraces. Our plans are designed to meet your specific needs and expectations. We make your experience as free of discomfort as possible by relying on state-of-the art methodologies to accomplish your goals. In many cases we can bring you a beautiful smile without surgery or extractions and faster than with traditional methods.

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The EZBraces method:

Rather than relying on just one treatment type—like some dentists do—we use up to seven different methods to create enough room for your child's crowded teeth
Many times treatment will go faster and turn out better if we use Orthopedic appliances (sometimes called retainers) either before or while braces are being worn. BUT WE STAY AWAY FROM HEADGEAR
We select the most efficient bracket system for each patient—including the amazingly flexible thermal active arch wires with unbeatable safety and comfort.
Since they do not have to be adjusted as often, you have fewer office visits with EZBraces.

The "EZ" in EZBraces doesn’t mean just faster treatment times. For some patients a minimum number of tooth extractions is of paramount importance. Others are more comfortable taking extra time to avoid invasive procedures. We discuss your goals and expectations then design a customized treatment plan which reflects what you want to achieve from your orthodontist. Austin appointments are available both north and south. We strive to provide what is truly EZ-est for you.

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