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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry Invisalign invisible braces?
Yes. This option is available for those requiring mild to moderate orthodontic correction. In Austin, Invisalign orthodontic solutions are available at our North and South locations.
How long does the process take?
EZBraces makes every effort to reduce treatment time while maintaining the best results possible. Treatment times between eight and 18 months are common, but a more accurate estimate can only be made after direct examination.
How is EZBraces better than other methods?
EZBraces is an innovative combination of treatment ideals developed by our own Austin orthodontist team, and it’s not offered by most dentists and orthodontists. While the treatment regime is usually completed in a shorter amount of time, the techniques utilized still focus on overall facial form and protection of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).  We pay attention to your goals for your orthodontic treatment. Whether your highest priority for your braces is speed of treatment, least invasive process, minimal tooth extractions or a combination of all, we listen to your goals and design a treatment plan that gets you there the fastest, safest and most effective way.
What makes these braces EZ?
The goals of EZBraces are to reduce treatment time and improve comfort by using special flexible wire, special bracket systems, and efficient space creation. Up to seven different methods are used to create space for crowded teeth, which can reduce time and are usually less invasive than more commonly-employed orthodontic solutions. Along with the most up-to-date methodologies, we remain keenly aware of your goals for the process and make sure your treatment plan mirrors your expectations. If you need braces, Austin’s EZBraces is the right place for you.
How old do you have to be?
We treat patients from age five and up. Many of our patients are adults, including some patients in their sixties.
Can my child get EZBraces even though he or she still has baby teeth?
Quite possibly. Early treatment in children, even with baby teeth, can help properly align jaws; correct harmful oral habits like tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, and biting; improve facial form and appearance, and help avoid future teeth extractions for orthodontics. Early treatment can also protect the temporomandibular joint. Most importantly to your pocket book, early treatment for your child can save you money down the road.
Do EZBraces hurt more because you do it faster?
No. Our faster treatment methods often utilize techniques that demand less force to move teeth. This can make the treatment more comfortable than other options.
What is TMJ?
TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. Disorders of this joint can cause pain, headaches, limited jaw opening, popping or grinding joints, ringing of the ears, dizziness, and inability to eat hard or tough foods. A deterioration of the joint can lead to bite changes, arthritic degeneration, and the need for surgery, joint implants, or replacement. Early treatment can correct many problems and prevent the need for surgery.
Does the EZBraces methodology work for everyone?
We have found that the correct application of orthodontic techniques as proposed by the EZBraces philosophy is very successful in most patients.
Where are you located?
EZBraces means better orthodontics. Austin offices on Ben White Boulevard and Research Boulevard.
How much to EZBraces cost?
From $2000 to $5500. Most insurance plans cover a good portion of this cost and qualified payment plans allow for payments as low as $100 per month.

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